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Unlock Recurring Revenue: Choosing Between Affiliate and Reselling Hosting for Your Digital Agency

Author: Lochlan Savage

Unlock Recurring Revenue: Choosing Between Affiliate and Reselling Hosting for Your Digital Agency

As a digital agency owner, you know the drill all too well: the relentless pursuit of new clients and the rollercoaster ride of project-based revenue. It’s a cycle that can leave you feeling stuck, hindering the steady growth you’re striving for.

But what if there’s a way to smooth out the highs and lows? Imagine a foundation of recurring revenue that supports your business month after month, providing the stability you need to plan for the future with confidence.

Welcome to a comprehensive look at Affiliate and Reseller hosting—two dynamic business models poised to enhance your agency’s service offerings and revenue streams. Join us as we unpack the unique benefits of each strategy, guiding you toward the ideal choice for your business. Ready to begin? Let’s dive in.

Reasons to explore additional revenue sources

Besides adding consistent recurring revenue to stabilize cash flow recurring revenue is a game changer for company valuation. It adds more value than one-off sales. Investors love it because it shows a company can sustain itself. It makes a business worth more and shows it’s reliable.

Passive revenue is another big win. It means money keeps coming in with little effort. For a digital agency, this means more profit without continous extra work. It’s smart business. It’s money that helps the agency grow.

Agencies should also think about the customer’s wallet. Offering hosting services means more money spent with you, and not your competitors. It’s about getting more of the customer’s spend and not leaving cash on the table.

Finally, this approach sets your agency apart by meeting all your client needs under one roof. It’s a big deal for clients.

What is Affiliate Hosting

Affiliate Hosting operates on a straightforward premise. An agency partners with a hosting provider to refer clients in need of hosting services. In return, the agency earns commissions for every successful referral. Most affiliate programs operate on a one time fee basis but, some providers like Right Servers offer a Recurring Server Affiliate Payout.

Agencies do not need to manage the details of hosting infrastructure, server maintenance, or customer support. Instead, the emphasis is on leveraging existing client relationships. This model allows you to focus on what you do best, delivering outstanding marketing or design services while still benefiting from a reliable source of recurring revenue.

Benefits for Agencies

Ease of Implementation– Unlike traditional business models, Affiliate Hosting is remarkably easy to implement. With minimal administrative burden you can swiftly incorporate hosting referrals into your client conversations. With no upfront investments affiliate hosting is notable as a low risk business opportunity. Furthermore agencies can use the providers brand and marketing. No need to invest in creating your own sales pages/funnels, emails, and shopping cart integration.

Potential for Earning Commissions– The financial appeal of Affiliate Hosting lies in the potential for substantial commissions. As you introduce clients to hosting services, you earn a percentage of the hosting fees. For example Right Servers offers a 20% recurring payout on Managed Cloud Services. This creates a win-win scenario with your clients receiving boutique hosting solutions, and your agency gains a consistent flow of passive income.

By simply referring clients to a trusted hosting provider, agencies can unlock a stream of passive income.

Exploring Reseller Hosting

Now venturing into the realm of Reseller Hosting, we encounter an approach that allows digital agencies to stamp their own brand on hosting services and customize packages to align with the distinct needs of their clients.

Agencies opting for this model purchase hosting services wholesale from providers and resell them to clients, often under their own brand name. Although it demands a higher degree of administrative work and a more substantial financial investment, Reseller Hosting can significantly amplify an agency’s service offerings

Advantages of Reselling Hosting

  • Business Expansion– Reseller Hosting opens the door for agencies to expand their service portfolio. By integrating hosting into their offerings, agencies transform into comprehensive one-stop-shops, enhancing client loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Additional Revenue Streams– The direct resale of hosting services provides agencies with multiple revenue streams. As your client base grows, so does your hosting revenue, creating a sustainable and scalable source of income.
  • Client Retention– Offering hosting services directly fosters a deeper connection with clients. By being the primary point of contact for hosting concerns, agencies enhance client trust and retention.

Managed and Unmanaged Reseller Hosting

Some providers including Right Servers offer both Managed and Unmanaged Reseller Cloud Hosting options. These solutions cater to the diverse preferences of digital agencies providing flexibility and control to enhance your offerings.

Managed hosting streamlines your operations and alleviates the burden of technical management. Our seasoned team handles server maintenance, security updates, and proactive monitoring. By entrusting these tasks to experts, you can redirect your focus towards nurturing client relationships and driving business growth, knowing that your clients’ websites are in capable hands.

Unmanaged hosting is better suited to agencies seeking granular control and customization. It offers the freedom to tailor server settings and configurations according to your client’s preferences. This option is ideal for agencies with technical expertise who prefer a hands-on approach to server management.

Both Managed and Unmanaged Reseller Hosting options feature scalable resources, robust security measures, and reliable support, ensuring the resilience and performance of your clients’ websites.

Consider VPS

It’s worth mentioning that more and more agencies are starting to consider VPS hosting, favoring it’s control and security over traditional reseller hosting. For a deeper dive, see our article How Managed VPS Can Safeguard Your Business. With a VPS plan agencies can set their own prices, and offer bespoke plans. They can leverage their own brand, more easily selling to existing clientele keeping revenue ‘in the family’ so to speak, rather than letting that business go elsewhere to service their needs. Reselling VPS may require a new billing system to automate and streamline services so inquire further before making the upgrade.

Making the Right Choice for Your Agency

As we navigate the decision-making process, choosing between Affiliate and Reseller Hosting models requires careful consideration of key factors. In this section, we’ll conduct a side-by-side comparison. We’ll weigh factors such as scalability, control, ease of management, and revenue potential. This will assist agency owners in making an informed choice that is aligned with their unique business goals and client needs.

Affiliate Hosting vs. Reseller Hosting: A Comparative Analysis

Affiliate Hosting vs. Reseller Hosting: A Comparative Analysis

Table 1. Comparing Affiliate and Reseller Hosting

Consideration Affiliate Hosting Reseller Hosting
Offers a quick and scalable entry into the hosting arena without the need for extensive infrastructure management. Scalability is however dependent on the hosting provider's capacity and commission structures
Provides inherent scalability as agencies can purchase additional hosting resources as their client base expands. This model enables agencies to control the scalability of their hosting services independently.
Minimal hands-on control over hosting environments, as the hosting provider handles server management, configurations, and support. Agencies have limited influence over the hosting infrastructure.
Empowers agencies with significant control, allowing them to customize server settings, software configurations, and create a branded experience for clients. This model grants a higher degree of autonomy.
Ease of Management
Requires minimal management effort as the hosting provider handles the technical aspects. Agencies can focus on client relationships and marketing without delving into the complexities of hosting management.
Involves a more hands-on approach, necessitating management of server resources, customer support, and technical aspects. While more involved, it offers greater control and customization possibilities.
Revenue Potential
Offers a commission-based revenue model, allowing agencies to earn a percentage of hosting fees for successful referrals. The potential for passive income exists, but it is dependent on the volume and quality of referrals.
Provides direct revenue from hosting services, offering agencies the opportunity to set their pricing and profit margins. As the agency's client base grows, so does the revenue potential, creating a scalable income stream. Long-term contracts can also enhance client retention, as clients are more likely to stay with a service they’ve committed to for a certain period. Opportunities also arise for cross selling additional services once a client is on a contract.

Guidance for Decision-Making:

  • When making a decision about hosting, it’s important to align with your agency’s business goals. If your objectives include quick market entry and minimal involvement in hosting management, Affiliate Hosting could be a good fit. However, if you’re aiming for more control, customization, and the potential to become a hosting provider yourself, you might want to consider Reseller Hosting.
  • Understanding your clients’ needs is also crucial. If your clients value simplicity and reliability, Affiliate Hosting might be sufficient. But if they’re looking for a more personalized, branded hosting experience, Reseller Hosting can provide a tailored solution.
  • Finally, assess your agency’s capacity for management. If your agency is ready to handle hosting management and is keen on branding and controlling the hosting environment, Reseller Hosting can offer a comprehensive solution.
  • In summary, the choice between Affiliate and Reseller Hosting depends on your agency’s goals, your clients’ needs, and your capacity for management.

Final thoughts

As we conclude this exploration, let’s recap the key points discussed and underscore the significance of making an informed decision tailored to your agency’s unique needs.

Throughout this journey, we delved into the realms of Affiliate and Reseller Hosting, dissecting their core principles, benefits, and considerations. Affiliate Hosting, with its simplicity and commission-based structure, offers a quick entry into the hosting space. On the other hand, Reseller Hosting provides agencies with increased control, branding opportunities, and the ability to tailor hosting solutions to meet specific client needs.

As you contemplate this decision, take a moment to assess your agency’s unique characteristics. Consider the scalability, control, and ease of management that your team is comfortable with. Reflect on the hosting preferences of your client base—do they seek simplicity, or are they looking for a more personalized, branded hosting experience? 

Now armed with insights into Affiliate and Reseller Hosting, it’s time for action. We urge digital agency owners to delve deeper into their specific needs and aspirations, exploring the hosting model that resonates most with their business objectives. Whether it’s the simplicity and flexibility of Affiliate Hosting or the control and branding opportunities of Reseller Hosting, your agency stands on the brink of unlocking a new stream of recurring revenue.

Explore, Implement, Thrive

In conclusion, the decision to integrate hosting services into your agency’s offerings is a transformative step towards financial stability. By choosing the model that aligns with your agency’s values, you embark on a journey to not only meet the immediate needs of your clients but to secure a consistent source of income for the long term. Whether you choose a Reseller Hosting or an Affiliate Hosting program, explore the possibilities and implement your chosen model. By harnessing the power of informed decision-making and strategic growth, you set your agency on a path towards thriving in this dynamic landscape.


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